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Inspiring Critical Thinking : Essential Questions of Past, Present and Future

Name: Daniela Sauer
Call for papers and/or posters / Appel à communications et/ou posters
Organizing institution(s): National Association for Interpretation NAI
Event start date: 04-12-2017
Event end date:
Location of event: Reims, France

The annual NAI International Conference is a critical component of professional development for many interpreters. Without the generous support of our volunteer faculty, the conference would not be the success that it has been year after year! If you have knowledge, experience, or research that you can share with your colleagues, we invite you to be part of the program by submitting a session proposal.

Our theme for this year's International Conference on Interpretation focuses on the essential questions that we as interpreters face in our professional lives and how interpretation can serve to articulate issues and help bridge the increasingly divisive public discourse. Communication is a key to understanding -- the interpretive communication process presents and translates information in a way that is meaningful to the audience, and this is a path to education and agreement.

What is interpretation's role in inspiring critical thinking and meaningful conversations about the challenging issues of our times? Similarly, what evolution has the profession seen in the thinking behind, and uses of, interpretation?

We are looking for sessions that demonstrate ideas and practices that look at multiple perspectives, involve the audience in the conversation and provoke thinking that ties events and issues of the past to issues facing us today. Session proposals will be critiqued for how well they fit within the overall theme and sub theme strands, and we encourage thoughtful consideration of new presentations and in-depth looks at issues of culture, conscience, and challenge.

Visit the conference website to submit your proposal.

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